Independence Day 2008

It was a safe and happy 4th! I left Zelda alone over night for the very first time and was quite worried about her the whole time. When I got back home she did circles for about 45 minutes all around my yard…I guess she was happy I was back home. I’m coming to realize she’s not the scared little pup she used to be…she can totally handle a night on her own. I’m the one with separation anxiety! :)

A silhouette of my cousin Jason ~

And another of a couple kissing. For my regular blog readers…any guesses on who they are?

My cousin Trevor & his girlfriend Christine.

I cherish time spent with family & friends! Don’t you?

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  1. JRP says:

    oh my goodness heather…these are the coolest july 4th pics around! i love em – so much cooler looking then i imagined in my head from when you were telling me!

    is the last one overlayed over the fireworks background or were they in front of them?

    Tre cool!

  2. Cristy says:

    awesome. :0)

  3. Enigma3 says:


    This is really cool! So different and very unique. I love the shot of the couple kissing – A+ Great work!

  4. oscarstavern says:

    Very Creative shots! Must have taken a bit o magic to make this happen! Sure those sparks weren’t from the couple? LOL

  5. Brionna says:

    Wow i love all of these pictures they are amazing .. especially of the couple kissing which happens to be my Mom and Terrence!

    Great Job!

  6. Jane says:

    Heather, I absolutely love these fireworks silhouette images!
    I like the new blog with the larger images too.

  7. Jen~thx and yes, it’s a textured overlay on the last.

    Cristy~You’re awesome! :-)

    Wolf~thx for my “A+”. It’s my first ever! HA

    Oscar~Yes, some of those sparks were from the HOT couple!

    Brionna~Thanks for identifying the couple for everybody and for posting your first comment here…I’m honored.

    Jane-Happy to hear it!


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