What Should We Wear to Our Photo Shoot?

So…what’s the first question somebody asks me right after they book a photo shoot? “What should we wear to our photo shoot?”. This question is the most common question and my answer is always the same…”Something that reflects your family’s personality and isn’t necessarily matching. Go for coordinating the colors rather than wearing identical shirts or bottoms. And please dress for head to toe modeling.” Well…I say something to that effect. It’s probably the hardest part of the session planning for my clients. After all these photographs will be hanging on their walls for many years to come. I understand why it ‘s  hard. I would like to help easy some of that so I’ve decided to do occasional posts on what I think people should wear to their photo shoots. :-)

A common thing some people seem to do is wear all white tops and either jeans for there bottoms or khakis. I’m not sure why this is the case, but it happens time and time again. The truth is…all white tops do not usually do anything spectacular for the majority of people. It tends to wash people out and just look sort of…well, blah. This is especially the case if all the people being photographed are wearing white for their tops. All those white tops just blend right into each other and there is no definition to where one stops and the other begins. Think about a bride on her wedding day. Doesn’t she look beautiful? Doesn’t she stand out from everybody else? Why is that? It’s because she is in all white and nobody else is!!! The reason why she “pops” in her photographs (aside from glowing & being naturally gorgeous) is because she isn’t standing next to eight bridesmaids wearing all white too! This can be true for any solid color. Black, blue, green, red…you get the idea. The key to creating a striking look is to break up the colors with different colors completely or with different shades within the same color family. This is the direction I am going in today. I love white. It’s gorgeous and will always work well as an accent in wardrobe planning. So..please do use a sprinkling of it when you feel it’s needed.

Here is a simple black, medium gray, light gray color palate to work with. It would make a gorgeous color combination for any type of photo session because you can’t go wrong if you add just one other color into that mix. Take a look at the samples below. There is green, medium gray, light gray & black…which looks great. Then I’ve replaced the green with red. I love it! And…if you throw some medium blue into the scheme that looks good too.  You can’t mess this combo up if you stick to it! And it works with any color you add so the sky is the limit for personalizing this to you or your family for your next photo shoot.

What Should I wear to a photo shoot?

Here are some sample clothing pieces that I’ve pulled from Old Navy/Gap’s website and H&M’s website just to give you an idea of how easy this can be. If I chose red as my accent color for this color scheme wouldn’t my wardrobe be amazingly coordinated for a fall family session? I like using black & gray’s because they are easy to find and most of us have plenty of them in our closets already. We don’t have to go out and get a whole new wardrobe for a photo session, but we could possibly just get a few  pieces that will complete the look we’re going for.

Murrieta Portrait Photographer
I did the same thing using blue as the accent color in the wardrobe selections below.

Murrieta Photographer

It’s really easy to plan things out when you set your mind to what colors you are going to use. You can take it even further and layer the looks shown above to enhance things even more. Try pairing thick ribbed red tights with the adorable girl’s two-toned gray dress in the red color combo above or add a red t-shirt to the plain gray button up men’s shirt. And don’t forget to accessories with hats, scarfs, jewelry & fabulous shoes. I love how endless the options are! I really hope this is at least a little helpful to some of you that have a hard time deciding on what to wear for a photo shoot. I will share more of my wardrobe planning ideas when I can because I have lots of ideas brewing right now. Thanks for passing by. :-)

Murrieta Portrait Photographer
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