Retro Wonder (the wait is over)

I had a great time on this shoot last weekend. It’s so fun to work with my daughter when she’s digging the attention. She doesn’t always enjoy the spotlight, but on occasion she shines in it. The processing on these was meant to push the envelope a bit and be edgy, artistic & hopefully fun to view. My very favorite photograph of the shoot won’t be displayed on here until next Tuesday…not b/c I’m trying to tease you, but b/c there are five versions and I cannot decide on which version I shall post. Since I used textures in the photo I’m going to give myself until Tuesday to sort it all out. :-)

For being in almost total darkness except for my external SB800 I think this came out exceptional. I love the iron gate glistening behind her and the soft grip she naturally used to hold onto it with, never mind her staring me down *LOL*~

Brit giggled when I showed her this one…I couldn’t get her to giggle at the shoot though-

stubborn, pretty girl. One of the two textures used on this photo will be available here on Tuesday for FREE~

I did get her to give me this beautiful smile though~

I liked this one so much for some reason…possibly the setting?

Maybe…b/c it’s my daughter…um-yeah, that’s it~

Isn’t this dress fantastic? Loved it!

My thoughts exactly!!! The texture in the background on this photo will be available on Tuesday for FREE if you come back to grab it.


Here’s Brit’s other photo from Sunday and don’t you dare forget to come visit on Tuesday when I post my FAVORITE shot of Brit…goodness I seriously need help picking which version to share.

Go make a new friend today! Why? Because it’s Friday.