Glamour Shoot with Liz-Inland Empire Portrait Photographer

When somebody comes to me wanting to update their portfolio I get super excited. When that somebody is my good friend Liz I feel so blessed to be able to help out! I’ve known Liz for many years now and she has the most gracious heart. She is a people person and maybe that is what I love about her most. She always makes everybody around her feel special, included and important. She is never too busy for her friends or family even though she happens to keep an intense work/family/life schedule. Liz is one of those truly unique women who not only has it going on inside, but has it going on outside too. She’s also just about as stylish as you can get! Just take a nice long look if you don’t believe me!!!

(Click to Enlarge)

Did I mention that Liz did her own makeup and hair for all these different looks? Um…yeah, that’s right-she did!